Animate Field_02 (AR photo print)

$250.00 USD
Animate Field_02 (AR photo print)

AR (augmented reality) photo print of Animate Field, an interactive fiber-optic art installation art by Justin Lui that has been exhibited internationally.

Animate Field consists of a volumetric mass of hanging glowing fiber-optic filaments for participants to physically enter and move through. The red lit endpoints of the filaments are activated when participants wade through the field, which creates trails of yellow light that persist as a kind of temporal residue, leaving ghostly memories of their traveled paths.

The view captured in this Animate Field_02 print is from a staging of Animate Field at Saint-Ex Culture Numérique in Reims, France, in spring 2022.

When the AR view of this print is activated on your smartphone, the photo is animated by a video of Animate Field in action.
*Viewing AR requires free download of Artivive app*

Part of the Series 1 release of Animate Field AR photo prints.

- AR activation is through the free Artivive app ( and works in landscape or portrait mode on your smartphone.
- Dimensions: 19" x 12" (paper, including borders), 16" x 9" (image)
- Description: Lightjet chromogenic print on Fuji C-Type Matte paper
- Limited series of 25 signed and numbered prints